Shift Scheduling Made Simple

A powerful, yet simple way to schedule shifts in virtually any environment. Community Health Centers, Service Organizations (Fire/Police), Seasonal / Summer Camps, Stadium / Large Event Staffing, and many others could benefit by using

Organizations of any size and can benefit by using SchedulerApp. Scheduling options include recurring schedules, individually assigned shifts, or any combination of the two.

Automated scheduling and an intuitive interface will help to increase productivity and to decrease both the time and headaches often associated with completing shift-based schedules. In addition, Shift Rules can be defined to help facilitate scheduling as well as to identify any gaps in the schedule.

Completed schedules can be viewed in list view, calendar view, or timeline view depending on the needs of the user. Location Users can be granted access to view schedules for their own area of involvement as well as other locations to better understand when / where key resources might be available.

Coordination Throughout An Organization

Everyone from schedulers, end users, location / unit coordinators, and administrators can be granted access to view, manage, or report on various aspects of the scheduling process.

Recurring schedules can be set up to automate consecutive repeating patterns from 1 to 45 days in length. Recurring monthly patterns (1st Monday, 3rd Friday, etc) can be added in addition to or as standalone schedules. Individual shifts can be adjusted at any time for one-time adjustments to recurring schedules.

Easily add, edit, or delete any aspect of the SchedulerApp. Schedules can be quickly managed from multiple perspectives to adapt to the needs of the schedulers.

Automated notices can be used to notify users of new schedules or changes to existing schedules. Group Emails or Text Messages can also be sent to quickly notify users of important updates. System Messsages can also be entered so users are receive important notifications immediately after logging in to the application.

Important information ranging from schedules to system alerts is intelligently presented throughout SchedulerApp. Reports are also available and virtually every report can be viewed on screen or exported in HTML, Excel, PDF, or XML format. Custom API's can also be developed to interface with third party applications (such as payroll or other proprietary system).

Customize For Organization-Specific Needs

All aspects of the system can be customized. No square peg in a round hole here! Simply set up the system to match an organization's structure and processes. SchedulerApp can be adjusted over time to continue to work flawlessly as an organization grows.

Unlimited Shift definitions can be created so SchedulerApp can handle organizations with just a few standard Shifts or complex, overlapping Shifts across multiple departments. Start time and shift length can vary up to 24 hours in length.

Each User is assigned to a user-defined Type / Role during a Shift. This is the role that the User will be fulfilling or task that they will be performing during the Shift. Each Scheduled User can be associated with one or more Types to facilitate proper scheduling.

Locations can be entered to show where Users will be working during a Shift. Multiple physical locations with a single work area (such as Community Healthcenters with multiple offices) and large locations with many units (Hospitals with ER, Neonatal, Outpatient, etc.) can be accomodated. Shift Locations are optional and aren't required for Shift Types that do not require a User to be at a physical location.

User Types can be added as needed to accurately reflect makeup of each Organization. In addition, Permissions for each User Type can be defined to control what each Type can do or see. Each User can also be further customized individually to fine tune the needs of an organization.

Adaptable For Use On Any Device

SchedulerApp was built using a Responsive design so that each screen flows intuitively whether it's viewed on a cell phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or other device.

Users can easily get around the system with their cell phones while on the go. Email and Text / SMS messaging keeps the communication channels open both on and off the clock.

Please contact us if you need more information or if you would like to schedule a Demo of how SchedulerApp can help your Organization.